Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Saatchi Funtimes

I love the Saatchi Gallery!! Had a cheeky little trip there over the weekend for some much needed art therapy!

Richard Wilson's 20:50 (above) has been a stable Saatchi piece as the gallery has moved from location to location. A stunning piece where the viewer is invited to walk into the heart of room only to find yourself literally surrounded by the reflective plane of oil. The piece takes on a completely different feel in each of the spaces it finds itself in but retains its beauty and a strange calmness in all, the current is not my favourite space to see it but still stunning and worth a visit! (I ve just been spoilt by seeing the others I think!)  

In the current exhibition NEWSPEAK: BRITISH ART NOW PART II the piece that stuck out was the wondrous world crafted by Tessa Farmer in her piece Swarm. We are welcomed into a world of dark, scary fairies at war with the insects. These tiny skeletal sculptures are so detailed its hard not to imagine them real! Who needs Tinkerbell eh!!

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